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Our Value Net Model PowerPoint Template carries an editable schematic diagram representing the direct influencer groups for a business or organization. Dam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff developed this value net analytical model to recognize the key players of the business and how they mutually interact. This model is a co-opetition framework based on game theory that promotes the idea of competitive cooperation through which businesses can develop and grow together. It helps professionals devise productive strategies to benefit from every part of the value net. For instance, creating a better relationship with complementors helps promote the business’ product.

The template diagram is represented in two design variations. The first slide shows the four square shapes arranged on the corners of the central rectangle representing the company. These four boxes indicate the Customers, Suppliers, Competitors, and Complementors, which are the key players in the business. Editable text areas are added with each segment to mention the corresponding details. On the second slide, these four players are organized in a diamond shape around the company in the center position. This diagram has two dimensions, i.e., horizontal and vertical. Along the vertical axis, the suppliers and customers are shown. It indicates the flow of raw materials from the company that converts them into final products for the customers.

The competitors and complementors are positioned at two extremes of the horizontal axis. These two subjects are put against each other, which denotes their opposite impact on the business processes. The double-headed arrows between the entities represent their alternate nature, i.e., the company can be the supplier and a competitor as well. Presenters can use this editable model diagram for business presentations to discuss future strategies with executives.

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