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Team Charter Template Slide Design

The Team Charter Canvas PowerPoint Template is a creative roles and responsibilities charter. According to the team charter definition, it is a document that stipulates the team’s overall objectives, values, and assets. The team charter template is used as a tool to develop a clear blueprint of the goals, strengths, and expectations from a diverse team working together to achieve a particular goal. It helps set up the boundaries and establish a set of instructions for the team.

The Team Charter Canvas PowerPoint Template begins from the first descriptive slide, showing the main points of the team charter, i.e., Core Values, Group Norms, Quality Standards, Core Values, Roles, and Metrics of Success. All these components of the team charter canvas are mentioned in six square boxes containing relevant graphic icons. The second slide enlists two strengths and two weaknesses of each member. It is designed to show five members in a row with their strengths and weaknesses mentioned in columns. On the following slides, the five parameters of team charter are mentioned each on one slide, including:

  • Core values: Define a particular set of values before your team members and guide them about Whom do you care about?
  • Group Norms: Nail out the essential norms and train the employees about teamwork?
  • Roles: Establish the specific role for each position. Their proper assignment is planned by keeping in view their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Metrics of Success: The reasonable standards of success are fixed, and the respective goals are presented through this slide.
  • Standards of Quality: Some principle statements of quality are devised to streamline quality deliverance through various processes.

Each of these five slides is divided into three sections:

  1. Brainstorming: to mention various thoughts in the form of sticky notes
  2. Consolidate: choose 6-8 keynotes and note them
  3. Refine: clarify further to make a statement

This template is a team charter sample, and the users can add their information or data accordingly. Different PowerPoint objects used in this layout are 100% editable. Besides using this template for preparing a comprehensive team charter, it can also be used as a team charter example for business students or to tell them what is a team charter. Users can change different objects’ color schemes and arrangements using PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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