Fact Sheet PowerPoint Templates

Download our 100% editable Fact Sheet Template to help you disseminate your product facts to your consumers. It contains facts that make your consumers better understand your product(s).

The Fact Sheet Templates are professionally and creatively designed, combining Powerpoint elements such as icons, shapes, charts, graphs, colors, clip-arts, etc. Download any of these templates from our selection of Fact Sheet Templates to illustrate your product facts.

Fact Sheet Template is a one-pager, visually appealing communication tool that helps pass detailed information about an organization’s product and service to its customers. These templates can be used by organizations across the globe for documenting statistical facts, key safety points, operating instructions, or basic information.

Without a doubt, putting out facts about your products allows your customers and potential customers to believe in your organization. The visually appealing template helps retain your brand’s integrity and values without hassle.

Our Fact Sheet Design comes with placeholder content that you can edit to suit your presentation needs. These templates come in different colors, styles, fonts, and font sizes. Moreover, the Fact Sheet PowerPoint templates work on Mac and Windows computers. You can also use them on Keynotes, Office365, and Google Slides.

What Is A Fact Sheet Template?

A Fact Sheet is a one-page, printed document with helpful information about your product and service to your consumers. The goal is to provide facts and key points about the product in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand way.

What Should A Fact Sheet Include?

Your Fact Sheet document should include some elements. The following elements help your Fact Sheet to be efficient, effective, and engaging to your audience.

  • Include a header.
  • Include a business description.
  • Discuss the vision and mission of your sheet briefly.
  • Tell us about your company’s origins.
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Include checkpoints.

Is A Fact Sheet A Report?

No. Although a Fact Sheet follows the same format as a report and includes a product description. A Fact Sheet is a concise document that shows the facts about a product.

How Do You Make A Fact Sheet In PowerPoint?

Below are the step-by-step procedures to make a good and engaging Fact Sheet in PowerPoint.

  • Launch the PowerPoint application
  • Set a preserved page size
  • Add a preferred shape
  • Select a drawing tool
  • Add your preferred/ organization color; most prefer a solid color
  • Add image
  • And lastly, you then add detailed information (text) to it

Importance of a Fact Sheet Template

Using a Fact Sheet Template is important for your organization because it’s concise, preserves a visual aesthetic to meet the corporation’s needs, and helps you to divulge a message in a clear, graphical manner. Since they can be reutilized, these templates are versatile tools for the corporate worker.

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