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Present your brand image and company profile clearly with our 100% customizable, ready-to-use PowerPoint templates. Take advantage of these templates’ professional layouts, colors, and font choices. As required, you can personalize these with company images, logos, vision, mission, and policy statements. Create a comprehensive exposé on your brand in minutes!

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An about us presentation can be likened to a personal business card but for a company or brand. It includes visual elements that represent the brand such as logos and logo modifications, colors, vision/mission statements, and others. To add a bit of punch to such a presentation, we may find that some of them contain facts and figures about the company. Some of these sketch where the company is at when observed within the relevant industry as a whole.

About us presentation slides present a quick and sure way of creating purposeful presentations. Our about us< templates are 100% customizable, allowing you to introduce your brand in a consistent brand language that positions your brand properly in the minds of potential recruits, clients, and investors, as needed.

For example, our TeamWork PowerPoint Slides Design could be used to draft an about us presentation for recruits. You can also use our Business Principles PowerPoint Cartoons to accentuate your niche if your company operates in the corporate world and if that is on-brand.

What should an about us presentation include?

An about us presentation introduces your audience to your brand or company; hence, it should include information that helps them form your desired brand perception in their minds. One should be able to see the story of your business, your product and service offerings, mission and vision, and how your brand stands out in an industry with competitors. Case study data, testimonials, facts and figures, and a “Meet The Team” section are some of the relevant elements that should be covered. Our Business Purposeful PowerPoint Template presents a suitable option for you to cover these details and more.

How long should an about us presentation be?

An about us presentation should be long enough to contain relevant information that helps your audience understand your business. However, it should not be so long and full of unnecessary information that the audience does not leave with sufficient relevant information that gives a solid perception of your brand. Our Business Purposeful PowerPoint Template is an 8-slide generic template with a creative and 100% customizable design. You can prepare a solid presentation with your brand elements and business information in a few minutes.

What can I use to make our about us presentation more interesting?

The first thing would be to consider the color scheme for the presentation, and if the template used includes any animation or not. Sometimes a common mistake is overloading presentations with transition effects, which users tend to find annoying.

Consider the font used – always opt for a Sans Serif for a clear message – the font size (no less than 12 points), and avoid bullet points unless you want to highlight a key item.

Maintain a contrast between background and text, but not so striking that it interferes with accessibility for visually impaired audience.

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