Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template for Startup Pitch Deck
PowerPoint Template for Startup Problem Definition
PowerPoint Template for Startup Solution
PowerPoint Template for Startup Data Chart
PowerPoint Template for Startup Content Layout
PowerPoint Template for Startup Cutout Image
PowerPoint Template for Startup Slide Content
PowerPoint Template for Startup Geometric Shapes
PowerPoint Template for Startup Semi Circle List
PowerPoint Template for Startup 3 Segment
PowerPoint Template for Startup Circles Background
PowerPoint Template for Startup Venn Diagram
PowerPoint Template for Startup 4 Step Model
PowerPoint Template for Startup Pyramid Diagram
PowerPoint Template for Startup Market Size
PowerPoint Template for Startup Success Story
PowerPoint Template for Startup Horizontal Timeline
PowerPoint Template for Startup Global Opportunities
PowerPoint Template for Startup Thank You

The Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template is a 19-slides presentation design that can be used by entrepreneurs and business professionals to prepare a pitch deck presentation and hence present ideas to potential investors, venture capital firms, or in demo days.

The presentation pitch deck  template for startups has relevant slides to include a short summary of the company, with company products, technology, and teams. Every startup pitch deck has its own format depending on the presenter’s approach for convincing investors. This pitch deck template offers graphics and diagrams to convey the business plan and the startup vision in visually engaging slides.

The 19-slides of the startup business pitch deck are organized to tell a competing story that follows a logical sequence. The pitch deck gives the presentation a clear start and end. The presentation slide-deck contains:

  • A cover slide with dark background
  • Problem definition slide
  • Our Solution slide with text and photo placeholder
  • Data slide with a data-driven bar chart
  • Generic slide designs with creative layouts
  • Content or agenda slide with a circular pattern
  • Content and chapter slide (section separator slide)
  • Multiple diagram slides (Venn Diagram, Business Model diagram, Pyramid diagram, etc.)
  • Market Size slide
  • Success Story slide
  • Editable timeline slide design for PowerPoint
  • Slide with world map for highlighting Global Opportunities
  • Dark Thank you slide

The problem definition, for instance, is step-0 to sell a solution. The slide of problem definition helps educate investors about the problem leading to the solution offered by the startup. The data chart templates visualize research that validates solutions. The PowerPoint diagram templates like Venn diagram, Pyramid, and 4 steps cycle display the strategy approach for implementing a solution.

The investors look for validation of solutions in a sales pitch presentation to evaluate if an idea is good for investment opportunities. Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint template provides a design to convey great benefits that solution offers and work your magic. The content slides help you add information such as features, benefits, product demo, etc. You can share a glimpse of product in picture placeholders.

The Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template includes Market Size slide to discuss solutions from a marketing point of view. You can display TAM, SAM, and SOM of the startup to assist investors in making decisions. The Pitch deck includes success stories slide, client testimonials, and customer feedback.

Present Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint to the investors with an overview of the company. The pitch deck presentation is a way for investors to look into company’s monetization strategy (learn how to create a compelling pitch deck to engage investors). This deck contains unique slide designs with elements that are fully editable. Users can customizable each and every detail of template including shapes, effects, images, and diagrams.

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