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Situational Leadership Diagram for PowerPoint is a flat design chart showing the different leadership styles discussed under the Situational Leadership theory. The PowerPoint diagrams come in a white and dark background. The left side shows a style where control is maintained by a manager and the right side shows the release of control. The slides are represented by PowerPoint arrows and colored diagram illustrations. The Situational Leadership Diagram PowerPoint is intended for business managers and team leaders that need to review the leadership behaviour of their organization and groups of influence. Users may even use this editable PowerPoint as training slides or situational strategy charts.

Situational leadership theory, developed by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey, refers to leaders that must vary their leadership style depending on the professional maturity level of their subordinates/followers. Situational leadership states that the leader is responsible for changing behavior and not the follower.

The theory defines five (5) leadership styles, moving from the less maturity to higher maturity of followers.

  • Tells: The leader in the influence group is the one making the decisions and informing other stakeholders of the decision. Also known as micro-management, the leader is actively involved and supervises the people working. Top-down approach where subordinate execute what they are told to do.
  • Sells: The selling (also known as coaching) style of leadership, leaders are involved in the day-to-day activities. The decisions ultimately lie with the leader, but input is required from the followers. With this style of leadership, followers are still supervised but through coaching manner.
  • Consults: The consults style of  leadership handles more responsibility to the follower. Leaders still provides direction, and decisions but socialize facts with followers before deciding. Leaders provide feedback to increase followers confidence and motivation.
  • Shares: Through sharing, leaders defines boundaries of direction and execution while followers end up deciding. This leadership style transfers ultimate responsibility to followers, while leaders monitor the decision process.
  • Delegates: Through delegation, the leader is involved the least amount with the follower. Subordinates are responsible for choosing the tasks and directions they will take. Leaders still stay involved for direction and or feedback .With this style of leadership, the subordinates know their role and perform with little supervision.

The flat color quadrants show the different phases in a situational leadership process. As well as shows the five main styles of leadership that has been identified as tells, sells, consults, shares, and delegates. The visuals and content layout are designed to its maximum adaptability. Users can replace the descriptions with their own data respectively, and change theme color to match their style. They can quickly customize and give the presentation a professional touch.

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