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The SBAR PowerPoint Template presents three diagram designs for an effective communication model. These professional PowerPoint templates show a segmented semi-circle diagram, 4 steps circular process cycle, and 4 levels linear sequence. SBAR PowerPoint template is an editable deck that lets users choose the desired slide of the communication model. These strategy presentation templates give users a transparent and focused path of communication between team members.

SBAR (Situation – Background – Assessment – Recommendation) model was originally designed for the military to convey crucial information in less time. It was later adopted by the healthcare industry. This model helps share vital patient information among nurses and physicians. Today, SBAR is used by many business organizations as a tool to present information and reduce the time required for making decisions. The SBAR is designed to consolidate information in one place for decision-makers.

SBAR is an easy-to-remember method for framing the conversation. You can use the SBAR model to coordinate with the team on emerging problems and possible solutions. The process starts with examining the Situation. It is a concise statement about the problem. The Background provides brief history or context of the situation. The issue is assessed based on the situation and background. The decision-makers give recommendations by following the SBAR sequence.

In hospitals, the SBAR model helps identify problems, get clinical background, analyze diagnosis, and prescribe a solution. The healthcare professionals can take advantage of the best PPT presentation templates of SBAR to discuss patient’s medical profiles.

The SBAR model presentation template can also be used as a problem-solving tool in a business setting. It enables people to filter out irrelevant information and be precise about the problem. Take conflict resolution as an example where you can apply SBAR. When development and sales are unable to interact with each other about production issues. Use SBAR to encapsulate problems as well as recommendations for leaders to resolve conflict.

Business PowerPoint templates include clipart icons and text placeholders to describe the contents of the SBAR model and its application. These clipart icons create nice PowerPoint themes for communication models. You can customize these elements and creative design PowerPoint backgrounds from formatting options segments. The customization features make simple PowerPoint themes usable in many ways including Google Slides templates.

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