Round Hexagonal Core PowerPoint Diagram

Hexagonal Core Template Slide
6 Segment Hexagonal Core PPT
Hexagonal Center of PowerPoint
Template of Hexagon Shape as Core
6 Step Diagram Design and Center
Presentation of Business Core Values
Slide of Hexagon Core and Circular Segment

The Round Hexagonal Core PowerPoint Diagram is a circular layout with 6 segments. It could help in presenting number of topics worldwide. For example, the topics of social behavior, scientific research, effects of transformation or company’s core values. Further, as business presentation, the template offers design for range of management and consulting models. Like, risk analysis, outcomes of a process, change management etc. This template has an infographic diagram design with options to get creative using customization tools. Here, the core is hexagon shape and eight segments create a circle as emerging components from the center. These components create a cluster around the hexagonal core as branches or outcome of an activity.

The Round Hexagonal Core PowerPoint Diagram provides several text placeholders. These placeholders can help presenters to add enough information which can support their agenda. These include the outer labels of 6 segments, their title, and description box, bold letters to represent those sections. Similarly, the text boxes in core unit with clipart icon illustrating business discussion. This clipart portrays a business meeting of strategic planning i.e. to improve processes or rectify problem etc. Presentation of round hexagonal core diagram provides five additional slides apart from first template as heading. These slides aid to highlight one component of diagram at a time by graying-out the rest. This feature suggests the use of multiple slides to explain factors in detail.

The PowerPoint diagram of hexagonal displays a layout of core values. It could be organizational or social guiding principles. The companies can use the round hexagonal core PowerPoint to demonstrate their abiding rules and beliefs. These could be honesty, hard work, customer satisfaction etc. The professional layout of core values visually illustrates the purpose and objectives of company.

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