Robby Robot Cartoon Sitting on his Office Chair

Illustrate remarkable visuals with the unique Robby Robot Cartoon Sitting on his Office Chair. It can serve as an alternative to traditional Microsoft clipart. The creative features of this design can surely make the presentation stand out.

Robots usually represent technology and development. It is a symbol of the “future” and the modern lifestyle that goes with it. In definition, it is a machine programmed for automatic actions. It can refer to a person who does not have a person who acts in an unemotional manner. Robotics is a branch of science that studies robots. They are programmed to aid and alleviate human labor. Like research, robotics aim to improve the quality of human life in general. Military bots are created to lessen the number of war casualties. Industrial robots are manipulated to assist their movement in conducting a certain procedure. Robby Robot is a fictional icon. It first appeared in the film Forbidden Planet and many sci-fi movies later on. It became many toy companies’ popular collector’s item.

The PowerPoint template is ideal design for business and technology reports. It can showcase future business plans. It can represent an iconic branding like Robby Robot for a particular product. This is also applicable to sales, marketing and advertising. Any technology-related topic can be associated to the slide design.

In the first slide, the clipart is located in the middle of the slide. The presenter can include the title of the report and a quick description or overview in the second slide. Custom options are shown in the third and fourth slide. They are entitled and marked by icons as follows:

Resize- Square shape with a vertical arrow inside
Customize- Half-colored droplet
Change effects- Gear
Copy & Paste- Notepad
Ungroup shapes- Right angle with dotted square shape
Customize Clipart- 4-sided arrow

Awe professional audiences with breezy presentations using Robby Robot Cartoon Sitting on his Office Chair. Robby Robot Illustration for PowerPoint is also downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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