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Retail Dashboard PowerPoint Templates

The Retail Dashboard PowerPoint Templates presents data charts to measure business objectives. Dashboards are easy to understand graphic representation of sales or performance data reports. Different types of dashboards are available to visualize data based on industry type and their KPIs. Retail dashboards are data tracking and analysis tools that use metrics relevant to retail store performance. The retail dashboard templates include data-driven charts with different retail KPI’s aimed at these retail store businesses. The use of visual graphics makes it easier for retailers to understand how data affects business decisions.

There has been a massive increase in online retail stores. However, people still rely on physical storefronts to conduct business transactions. The term Brick and Mortar is used to describe physical stores that interact with customers face-to-face. When done right, the sales data and retail metrics assist in evaluating performances and develop sales strategies. The PowerPoint dashboard templates of retail store metrics could be used to demonstrate those business analytics. Because these dashboard templates are designed to visualize entire journey and customer interactions from initial sales to brand loyalty.

The Retail Dashboard PowerPoint Templates contain three layouts for custom reports. Sales KPIs dashboard template displays a comparison of yearly performance using data-driven PowerPoint charts. Such as multiple bar chart for location wise sales and donut chart for sales square foot. The dashboard of geographical data and conversion rate includes a heat map and donut charts representing global sales. This dashboard template also provides custom charts for product category and basket value. The last dashboard template presents sales and inventory KPIs. These will help businesses strategize their businesses by comparing different metrics.

The retail business dashboards show the most important retail metrics and key performance indicators to understand situation. The real-time results will aid in decision-making by extracting valuable information from collected data.

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