Quiz Maker Slides Toolkit PowerPoint Template

The Quiz Maker Slides Toolkit PowerPoint Template is a pack of quiz game layouts for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides. These slides are an easy and fun way to engage the audience that encourages growth and learning. The quiz maker template provides editable layout designs that you can copy and customize to your own needs. The pre-design quiz template toolkit will save you time preparing questioners from scratch. You can copy slides and layouts to prepare a complete assessment presentation.

The PowerPoint templates for Quiz slides include nine questioner styles. The true and false question slide shows symbols of checkmark and cross. This type of quiz questions determines if the statement is correct. There are three layouts for multiple-choice questions with three and four items. These slides can help measure the presentation audience’s cognitive skills. If you want to take a quick pop quiz with rapid-fire questions, use a 1-tab question slide. For opinion-based questions, use the fill-in-the-blank slide template. This quiz maker toolkit includes a slide of the Likert scale template that is ideal for taking surveys.

Different layouts styles included in this Quiz template are:

  • True or False slide questions
  • Multiple choices
  • Single Short Answer
  • 3 possible options
  • 4 possible options
  • Sequence answer
  • Matching answer
  • Fill in the blanks quiz answer
  • Likert scale answer

While the quiz template provides the foundation to build quizzes in PowerPoint, it is important to note that it is not a Quiz tool and the .pptx file does not include any Macros. This distinction is important because the presenter who wants to use this quiz template must code the Quiz in PowerPoint or customize it with the help of these slides. The Quiz template is intended to be used to help creating quizzes in PowerPoint but is offered as a standalone toolkit for preparing quizzes.

The Quiz Maker Slides Toolkit PowerPoint Template is useful for educational presentations. Teachers can use questions in the presentations to help students keep up with the lecture. The quiz maker slides are similarly useful in business training, coaching, or seminars. The presenter can get feedback about a concept by asking questions or take audience’s opinion for participation.

The PowerPoint presentations can be more than quick information placards. Apart from informative presentations, reports, and sales pitches, you can prepare group activity quizzes in PowerPoint. Preparing the layout design of quizzes, tests, surveys, and assessments can take a lot of time and effort. The quiz maker slides assist users to customize pre-design templates of quizzes to their needs. One question per slide makes the quiz more clear and organized.

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