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Push Pull Communication Model PowerPoint Template

Download our featured Push Pull Communication Model PowerPoint Template to discuss the technical & corporate aspects of the two communication models. The push & pull communication methods are two approaches used in the corporate and marketing sectors for communication & content distribution. In push communication, for instance, the data like e-mails, notifications, and marketing content is sent to the audience without their interest or request. In this case, the users are least or sometimes not interested. In contrast, pull communication depends upon the consumer’s request, i.e., the user will ask for particular information. Both these approaches can be further branched when the top-down and bottom-up communications are discussed. By including these two characteristics in the push vs. pull communication methods, four types of communication approaches are developed(usually represented in the form of a 2×2 matrix) that are:

  • Top-down Pull: This involves getting required details from higher departments on demand.
  • Top-down Push: Where information is transferred from upper levels to lower ones without any request, such as public notifications.
  • Bottom-up Pull: Smaller groups intentionally communicate their motives to the upper departments.
  • Bottom-up Push: When information is gathered from the people to know about the situation. 

In this Push Pull Communication Model PowerPoint Template, we have created a four-quadrant matrix diagram indicating the push and pull communication methods in the columns and bottom-up & top-down categories along the rows. The boxes carry 100% editable text; additional text boxes are also provided with each cell to mention the presentation points. On the first slide, the segments are not color-filled; colored title segments are shown. On the other hand, the matrix is colored on the following slide. Both slides are also provided with a dark background. So users can choose from the slides for their matrix presentations. This can help discuss the models in detail in corporate and training presentations. Grab it now!

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