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PowerPoint Problem Solving Model
5 Steps Problem Solving PPDAC Template

The Problem Solving PPDAC Diagram PowerPoint Template is a 5 steps process cycle layout. This Cycle Diagram template is a visual representation of a statistics-based analysis model. PPDAC stands for Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis, and Conclusion. The two PPDAC diagram slides present a similar design with a subtle change in the format of text placeholders that helps create visual order.

You can choose a slide according to the textual content of your presentation. The editable PowerPoint also lets users change colors and add shapes such as topic-related icons.

PPDAC model is a methodological framework that is used in analytics and research hypotheses. It is a method of transforming data into knowledge to solve real-world problems. This model starts with one problem, and the subsequent stages assist in solving that initial problem. A clear definition and understanding of the problem lead to a better process of solving it. PPDAC provides five basic steps that can be used to solve a problem using numeric evidence.

Take the marketing method as an example of the PPDAC model. The problem statement can be: which is the best channel to choose for marketing. The planning phase will include ¨how to perform analysis¨ as well as tools. Next, bring data from different sources and surveys to process it. Then apply analysis methods such as charts, analyze patterns, or generate hypotheses for more complex solutions. A good conclusion feeds more questions and the cycle repeats.

Problem Solving PPDAC Diagram PowerPoint Template is useful to demonstrate the process cycle for various solutions. It is a data problem solving cycle that goes into more depth with each iteration. Therefore, this diagram template can be used for presenting problems and solutions ranging from simple to complex matters.

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