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PPT Template for SWOT Analysis With Thin Borders and Editable Icons.
PPT Slide of Strengths for SWOT Analysis
PPT SWOT Analysis Template
PPT Templates SWOT Analysis Opportunities Slide
PPT Themes for SWOT Analysis
PPT Templates SWOT Analysis Final Slide

The Planning SWOT Template is a professional presentation deck designed for showcasing SWOT Analysis results to executive audiences. Using the traditional four quadrants layout, the design combines thin curved arrows shapes mapping the four concepts Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

SWOT Analysis is a powerful tool for strategic planning. Because of its simplicity and insightful results, organisations around the world choose to include it in their strategy toolset. There are several approaches to SWOT Analysis; the most used consists on working out the antagonic concepts:

  1. Identify the organisation strengths. (Internal point of view)
  2. Identify the organization weaknesses. (Internal point of view)
  3. Identify the opportunities in the context of the analysis (External view)
  4. Identify the threats in the the context of the analysis (External view)
  5. Mitigate Threats reducing Weaknesses, using Strengths as a lever.
  6. Amplify Strengths to be able to tackle Opportunities.
  7. Create new Strengths that enable the competitive advantage over Opportunities.
  8. Create new Strengths to eliminate Weaknesses.

Note that we introduced the context keyword in the approach. The context defines where the analysis is placed. In a corporation, context can be defined as the market in which they operate, but if the analysis is being carried out in an internal departments, for example Human Resources (HR), the context can be the workplace.

The Planning SWOT Template is crafted in order to allow users to easily replace the placeholders with their findings and conclusions. Each piece of the PowerPoint Templates are created with PowerPoint objects, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance.

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