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PPT Template for SWOT Analysis With Thin Borders and Editable Icons.
PPT Slide of Strengths for SWOT Analysis
PPT SWOT Analysis Template
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This dark SWOT Analysis Arrows PowerPoint Template portrays an easy-to-use SWOT diagram across 6 slides. The dark background and bright colors make each step in the SWOT analysis stand out. You’ll find this SWOT analysis slides template broken down into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, each with their own slide.

The Planning SWOT Template is a professional presentation deck designed for showcasing SWOT Analysis results to executive audiences. Using the traditional four quadrants layout, the design combines thin curved arrows shapes mapping the four concepts Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

SWOT Analysis is a powerful tool for strategic planning. Because of its simplicity and insightful results, organizations around the world choose to include it in their strategy toolset. There are several approaches to SWOT Analysis; the most used consists on working out the antagonic concepts:

  1. Identify the organization strengths. (Internal point of view)
  2. Identify the organization weaknesses. (Internal point of view)
  3. Identify the opportunities in the context of the analysis (External view)
  4. Identify the threats in the the context of the analysis (External view)
  5. Mitigate Threats reducing Weaknesses, using Strengths as a lever.
  6. Amplify Strengths to be able to tackle Opportunities.
  7. Create new Strengths that enable the competitive advantage over Opportunities.
  8. Create new Strengths to eliminate Weaknesses.

The SWOT Analysis is an exercise to brainstorm and evaluate a company or individual’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their current opportunities and threats against them. Incorporate this SWOT analysis template into PowerPoint presentations or Google Slides presentations whenever it’s necessary to present your analysis.

The best SWOT analysis presentation template with arrow features is useful for both professionals and individuals. Professionals will find the presentation template useful for presenting evaluation of a company, product, or other business priority. Individuals can also use this SWOT presentation to present an analysis of their own current situation and opportunities.

This particular SWOT analysis template features a high-contrast appearance with bright icons and banners. In addition to the original four-part SWOT diagram, there are slides for further analysis of each aspect of the analysis. These breakdowns feature a diagram with four banners, which stand for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. Each slide highlights a different banner in the sequence and provides a large space for text. Key icons include an anchor, band aid, light bulb, and warning sign. The main colors of this SWOT analysis presentation are the primary colors: yellow, red, blue, and green but the template colors and palette can be easily edited in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

A SWOT analysis is an excellent exercise for any professional or individual that will help you make better decisions. Use this SWOT template to present your own SWOT analysis; it’s easy to use and professional.

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