Philip Kotler Marketing New Values PowerPoint Template

Introductory Slide to Kotler Marketing New Values Analysis Matrix
Analysis Matrix of Kotler New Values of Marketing
New Values Matrix with Nine Quadrants Described
Describe the Deliver Satisfaction Quadrant of Marketing New Values
Describe the Vision and Mind Quadrant of Profitability
Be Better Quadrant PowerPoint Slide Design
Heart and Mission Cell at Kotlers Values Matrix
Marketing 3.0 Returnability Concept of Heart and Vision
Differentiate Quadrant at Kotler Marketing New Values Matrix
Mission and Spirit Combination of Kotler Marketing 3.0
Kotler's Marketing New Values Sustainability
Spirit and Values Cell at Marketing New Values Matrix
Mission Concept of Marketing New Values Description
Philip Kotler Marketing 3.0 Vision Concept
Slide Representing the Mind concept of Marketing New Values
Symbol of Spirit for New Marketing Values of Kotler
Kotler Marketing New Values Matrix
Marketing New Values Heart Description Slide
Set of PowerPoint Icons for Marketing 3.0

Philip Kotler Marketing New Values PowerPoint Template is a flat design professional presentation containing the Marketing New Values Matrix tool, described by Philip Kotler in this book  “Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to Human Spirit”. The Matrix facilitates the analysis of new customers, moving away from consumer-centric theories, that views the consumer as a passive targets of marketing, to a analyze the different factors that drive the customer. In this new era of Marketing, consumers are approached in a more holistic way; treated as whole human beings, with minds, hearts and spirits. This new consumers, search for companies and organizations that fulfil their deepest social, economic and environmental needs, and those are the factors and insights marketers need to analyze and target.

The Marketing New Values Matrix is a tool to generate “good quality conversations” about new customers , covering the different aspects of their needs. This means traversing the Values axis (Mission, Vision and Value) through the emotional and human aspects of consumer needs (Mind, Heart Spirit). Each quadrant of the Matrix allows the Marketing Analyst to treat different approaches of the mix, in order to provide satisfaction to a need, or potential need, of new human customers.

We provide a complete catalog of Marketing PowerPoint Templates with useful models, that will complement any Marketing Analysis and Plan, though the use of simple models. It is essential to understand that the models are only a tool of analysis, and that the content generated during the analysis is whats give value to the presentation.

Impress your audience with professional Flat design Marketing Models, and present your results of your Marketing Analysis with the Philip Kotler Marketing New Values PowerPoint Template.

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