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The amazing design of the Overlapped sections of the Roadmap PowerPoint Timeline is achieved through the use of flat vector segments. This presentation is a timeline template infographic designed to effectively present helpful information to the audience within a linear sequence. The timeline PowerPoint template is a popular tool for demonstrating processes and helping teams stay on track through a plan. The overlapped sections of the roadmap slides provide a modern visual representation of blocks of tasks that need to overlap in time. Further, the roadmap PowerPoint shows the chronological sections suggesting the overlap through color effects. The PowerPoint milestones template helps visualize dates and tasks to allocate resources to the project. The overlapped effect is created through colorful flat squares that segment the horizontal timeline into regular blocks

The Overlapped sections of the roadmap PowerPoint Timeline assist presenters in displaying easy-to-digest project flows or events. It is an easy-to-use template from the SlideModel gallery that can be used for quick roadmap presentations as it requires little effort to be populated with the presenter’s content. Also, the customization features of PowerPoint enable users to make design changes to meet their needs. Users just edit text placeholders and change colors and effects from shapes without the need for any design skills. Adding a new section is as simple as copying and pasting the existing group of shapes forming a block.

The roadmap template of overlapped sections contains impressive PowerPoint Shapes, which can represent several metaphors—for instance, the target icon to explain the business vision, mission and goals. Similarly, the section of the bar chart icon can describe the statistical and financial analysis of business activities. This presentation of the roadmap PowerPoint timeline is delivered as a complete set of 5 slides. The four slides highlight each overlapped roadmap section by graying out the rest. Lastly, the arrow shape section is the final outcome of the project timeline. Discover our step-by-step guide to create a timeline in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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