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Presentation of Navigational SWOT Analysis

The Navigational SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template is an animated presentation tool to develop organizational strategies. The SWOT analysis is a common business model, used by organizations of any size including non-profits. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. These factors are used to assess projects, products, services, and even business performance. This navigational SWOT analysis is a visual assessment presentation for businesses and individuals. It is a colorful animated template with special PowerPoint zoom-in feature, providing navigational effects. Further, it is a creative SWOT PowerPoint presentation with infographics to represent each factor of strategic model. These infographics include Shinning sun – Strengths, Rainy cloud – Weaknesses, Clouds – Opportunities, and Thunder lightening – Threats. Here, the weather infographics metaphorically represent SWOT analysis factors.

The Navigational SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template is also a learning presentation since it contains generic textual content. The users can either explain this business and marketing strategy model to team or use information to insert data accordingly. This PowerPoint presentation shows first slide as default section which is further divided into four sections with three slides each. All these slides have morph transition which gives an animated effect to overall presentation. Find and download more template layouts from SlideModel catalog of SWOT analysis and matrix.

The business SWOT analysis template are widely used to present various concepts. Such as future planning, market research, setting goals, developing business success strategies and much more. Furthermore, the template can benefit individual entrepreneurs and small business owners to quickly explain scope and limitation of their projects. Similarly, business analysts or consultants can use this graphic and animated SWOT analysis PowerPoint template for multiple brainstorming presentations. Because this strategic model layout design assist users to describe strengths and weakness for continuous improvement process.

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