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The MoSCoW Method PowerPoint Template is a matrix presentation of prioritizing technique. It is a business analysis concept use in project management and product development processes. The project development team works with all stakeholders to analyze importance of multiple deliverables. This placement of deliverables based on priority is known as MoSCoW method. Further, the term MoSCow is an acronym for Must have, Should Have, Could Have, Won’t Have). These are the four priority categories with additional O’s to make pronounceable terminology.

The MoSCoW method PowerPoint provides an eye-catching layout of 4 category segments. Each of these segments further displays the progress status of activity line. The status types include Complete, in progress, and not yet started. These three status are symbols derived from Harvey balls concept chart Therefore, the users can change these activity status symbols as see fit.

The MoSCoW Method PowerPoint Template helps present the immediate business benefits to the audience. Because this template highlights the most important deliverables that client can expect to receive first. For example, the Must have and Should have processes are priority initially. But tasks in Could have and Won’t have categories may also change according to time. The MoSCow method basically enables stakeholders to understand impact of priorities on performance and speed.

MoSCoW priority model present following processes and activities under each category.

  • Must have: Critical to current delivery timebox.
  • Should have: Important but not necessary for current delivery timebox.
  • Could have: If there are time and resources available to improve user experience.
  • Won’t have: Least critical deliverables that are not appropriate for current delivery time.

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