MEDDIC Framework Template for PowerPoint

MEDDIC framework Presentation Template for PowerPoint
Editable Slide Design for MEDDIC PPT Template
PowerPoint Presentation Template for MEDDIC Framework

Prepare your business presentation with our MEDDIC Framework Template for PowerPoint. MEDDIC sales qualification framework is a series of standard steps B2B sales teams follow in shortlisting and targeting their potential buyers. These steps are essential for businesses that close regular deals worth millions of dollars as they are more concerned about potential buyers that won’t make their selling efforts wasteful in the end. MEDDIC is an acronym for the analysis steps:

  • Metrics: Recognize the goals (quantifiable) that can help you create a pitch advocating the benefits of your solution or product. 
  • Economic Buyer: See if the prospect you are targeting for promotion is interested in paying for your service or not. This can be understood after looking at the previous buying history of the prospect. 
  • Decision Process: This step determines how your prospect decides about purchasing something. By knowing that process, you can highlight such features that can directly impact your customer’s wish. 
  • Decision Criteria: Another essential factor after decision criteria that can further help you directly tailor your pitch according to your buyer.
  • Identify Pain: Understanding your buyer’s pain points is the key to creating a deeper contact with the buyer leading to a sale. 
  • Champion: A champion in this process is the direct point of contact from the prospect side. His interest must be developed to make a sale as he is the one who will promote your service before other involved members. 

Our MEDDIC Framework Template for PowerPoint features three slide templates with sample text to explain and discuss each phase of MEDDIC. The first slide shows six circular PowerPoint shapes carrying representative infographic icon illustrations like a flow chart for metrics, a checklist for decision criteria, a medal for the champion, etc. These circles are attached to the corresponding letters through dotted lines. The following slide has a similar circular representation but provides editable text boxes to mention relevant descriptions. Professionals can use this slide to create discussion slides or showcase their strategy before new team members. The last slide is a tabular diagram that highlights key strategic points kept in mind at each stage. It carries 6 vertical columns and displays the individual alphabets along the rows. Between the columns and rows, horizontal bars of varying lengths predict how the relationship proceeds with a buyer as the seller follows these steps. 

This best PPT Template is 100% editable with PowerPoint and Google Slides. Professionals can prepare business or sales presentations by editing the placeholder text. The slides can also be used for training and teaching business students about this process. 

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