Material Design SWOT Analysis Template

The Material Design SWOT Analysis Template is a 13 slide PowerPoint tool for businesses in every industry. There are a variety of layouts, assisting users to detail their information and textual content in slides breakdown. This SWOT Analysis Template PPT provides a matrix design to analyze the company’s internal and external factors.
Internal: Strength and Weaknesses
External: Opportunities and Threats

The PowerPoint Material Design of SWOT analysis could be used in any business. Such as part of strategic planning, change management, or marketing model. Companies perform a SWOT analysis to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Further, it helps to identify threats and how to exploit the available opportunities. The companies analyze their external and internal capabilities for serious strategy formulation. Especially in project management, it could assist professionals to analyze the following:

  1. Product value for money
  2. Prioritizing processes, activities or features
  3. Apply SWOT to more specified departmental or process level
  4. Use more relevant tools along with SWOT, like core competency and business model canvas

This PowerPoint template is also an entrepreneurial slide desk to explain the correlation of Strengths, weaknesses opportunities, and threats. Therefore, it could benefit users in displaying SWOT as a component of business plan. These 13 slides of material design SWOT PowerPoint are also suitable for learners. The professors and students can design an informative SWOT analysis presentation by just changing text. They can also change the size and colors of shapes in the template. This SWOT matrix shows plus sign for strengths and minus for weaknesses as internal factors. Whereas, an upward arrow for opportunities and downward arrow for threats. This PowerPoint shows three possible material designs to focus on each element of SWOT. And users can select their desired design slides by copying them into their original presentation.

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