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PowerPoint Slide Template for SAM Market Analysis
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Our Market Analysis TAM SAM SOM PowerPoint Template visually represents the TAM, SAM, SOM market analysis concept. In market analysis, professionals evaluate various available market factors, e.g., potential buyer segments, demographic values, purchasing patterns and volume, etc. There is a more extensive set of markets that may or may not be easily accessible called Total Available Market TAM. Further, if this market segment is narrowed down to a more serviceable set of markets, it is called Serviceable Available Market SAM. If this SAM is more concise to address only the direct demand for your service, then it is called Serviceable Obtainable Market.

Marketing professionals can use this template to discuss these three subsets of their target market. The diagram represents this narrowing effect of the market using three circular diagrams placed in the order of decreasing diameter. These circles have editable text areas which can be used for mentioning the relevant details for each segment. Their distinct colors create a spotlight effect for each section in the successive slides. For instance, in the second slide, only the first segment SOM is color highlighted while the rest are grey. The individual text areas next to each circle are also color-coded and highlighted on the individual slides. This segregation of titles in these slides helps presenters discuss them separately.

The Market Analysis TAM SAM SOM PowerPoint Template is thus a comprehensive model for presenting the market analysis for your product or service. You can define the specific segments of your market and devise appropriate marketing strategies for each potential sub-set. This TAM SAM SOM model can be used in a business or marketing plan, as well as in a Go-to market strategy presentation, when launching new businesses or as part of a product launch. So, our Market Analysis template can visually promote the efficacy of your factual data through its visuals. You can easily download this PowerPoint template and edit it using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. Alternatively, you can download other Market Size slides and TAM SAM SOM slide templates for presentations.

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