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The Long Funnel PowerPoint Template is a multi-step funnel design to display data processing sequence. These charts are simple diagram designs of cool icons representing a flow of data inside the funnel. The PowerPoint funnel diagrams are modern layouts used in business presentations to demonstrate activities as a process of filtering. Each stage performs screening operations on data leading to the required outcome. You can add a description of each level to explain your analysis. A description alongside the diagram increases the effectiveness of visuals i.e. explaining audience what actions you performed and what are the results.

The long funnel diagram PowerPoint includes four slides with 7 steps to 10 steps versions of funnel chart. These are editable funnel chart template layouts with text placeholders on both sides of the diagram. The funnel slides for PowerPoint are divided into levels with a number sequence on one side and a description on the other side. You can download a long funnel diagram to describe various concepts briefly. You can also customize design of funnel chart by changing the colors of slide canvas. The long funnel template design is a professional template with 100% editable elements that can be used by sales professionals to prepare sales funnel, but also marketers to present a conversion funnel as part of a content marketing strategy or Conversion Rate Optimization plan, or to be used as a lead generation funnel with multiple steps. The long funnel template contains placeholders and multiple steps, providing space to add visible text of every stage on a single-series chart.

The long funnel template contains:

  • A funnel diagram with 7 steps.
  • A funnel diagram slide with 8 steps.
  • Funnel diagram design with 9 levels.
  • Funnel diagram design with 10 levels.

A funnel chart visualizes the reduction in data and refines it as data passing through one stage to the other. Most commonly it displays quantitative data through stages of a process. In product development, for example, a funnel can describe how material goes through a series of process to an actual sale of product. The diagram of funnel is often used to show marketing and sales concepts such as sales funnel or lead generation funnel diagram.

Multi-steps long funnel PowerPoint templates are ideal for use in a range of business presentations. You can incorporate a simple design of funnel diagram for marketing plan presentations, business plans, startup ideas, sales decks, management reports, and much more.

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