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Kubler Ross Change Curve for PowerPoint is a graphic representation of the 5 steps to Change Management. The curve can be effectively used by business leaders to help their workforce adapt to change and move towards success.

The 5 stages included in the original model are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This is patterned in the various levels of emotions which are experienced by a person who is experiencing near death. Hence the model is valid in a majority of cases and situations relating to change, it is adapted to various business models.

This Curve Line Diagram correlates the 5 Stages of Changes versus how companies overcome the stages effectively. For example, the first reaction towards change is shock and denial. On the other hand, companies could visualize denial as the opportunity for creative alignment. The second stage is frustration. In this stage, they can maximize communication and convert frustration into brainstorming and creative thinking.

Generally, the Curve Line Diagram is designed to represent all the 5 stages in a visual approach. To get rid of the conventional discussion slide, this six layout template provides clear graphics, editable charts and text fields. This can help managers in creating tailor-made methods of communication and guidance for those on the path of change.

Every organization needs to bring about changes in its management and people. Thus, Kubler-Ross model assists in bringing several changes in the systems and processes in business, work or employment. Alternatively, check related Curve & Lines Diagram and PowerPoint Templates.

This design was inspired by the Kubler-Ross slide published on Navigating Organizational Change (LeanChange.org).

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