Kotter’s 8 Step Model Template for PowerPoint

The Kotter’s 8 Step Model Template for PowerPoint is an organizational change management presentation. Most of the time, the employees do not take change as a positive action. Therefore, implementing a new process for organizational change is a challenge and requires a detail strategy. This PowerPoint template contains visual graphics of John Kotter’s progressive model of 8 steps for successful transformation. Further, this PowerPoint model shows staircase style stages of Kotter’s methodology. It demonstrates the extensive planning through eight phases to share the goals with all team members. Moreover, this process of sharing ideas empowers employees to become a part of progressive improvement. The first three steps of Kotter’s business model help in creating opportunities and need for change. However, the next three rationalize implementation and last two are implementation and control phases.

Following are the Kotter’s 8 steps describe individually:

1. Sense of urgency: First, create the opportunity and communicate the importance of taking an immediate action.
2. Recruit right people: Built an army of effective people with ability to guide and coordinate activities.
3. Develop and clear shared vision: Explain and ensure a different/better future. Also, the initiatives connecting to the vision.
4. Communicate vision: Use every possible medium to communicate the vision which shows the urgency of change.
5. Empower action: Remove all the barriers of change system including the structure which undermines vision.
6. Create short-term wins: Recognize the progress often which help in tracking and energizing the volunteers.
7. Consolidate improvement: Make necessary changes in system, structure and policies to increase the credibility of vision.
8. Embed in culture: Lastly, institute change as new behavior and ensure it sticks.

The useful Kotter’s 8 Step Model Template for PowerPoint contain 8 slides to individually describe each section. Additionally, this presentation can help explain the Kotter’s model to students or staff of change management. Further, these slides also contain text placeholders to add important information and key points.

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