Johari Window Model PowerPoint Template

The Johari Window Model PowerPoint Template is an outstanding presentation on self-awareness tool of psychological analysis. This 4-stage matrix diagram is useful tool for comprehending and training minds about the self-awareness, personal development and improving communication. Therefore, the PowerPoint of Johari Window is an exceptional template to demonstrate the interpersonal development in various situations. The Johari Window model is applicable on individuals as well as on team. The Johari model works uses the four quadrants (window) as major areas for evaluation. This PowerPoint of model window, like SWOT analysis matrix has factors with rows and columns representing variables. These factors include, Arena, Blind, Unknown and Hidden, whereas, the columns describe individual’s knowledge of surrounding. Similarly, the rows explain the knowledge of others about an individual. The functions of each factor, representing four combinations in the matrix diagram of PowerPoint are below:

1. Arena (An open space) – Known to self and others: The behavior which is public knowledge, and person can communicate it easily.
2. Blind – Recognize by others know: The behavior in blind spot is difficult to manage without a proper feedback from others
3. Hidden – Identifiable by self and others are unaware: This is where the secrets lie, which can be revile to few people.
4. Unknown – For all: Because everyone is unaware of this behavior, it does not become a part of discussion.

The Johari Window Model PowerPoint Template shows the matrix of factors and the curve arrows with supporting components. For instance, the open space i.e. Arena gets feedback from blond spot, shared discovery from unknown and self-disclosure from hidden. Further, the hidden section can get self-discovery information from unknown when realize a behavior. Moreover, the template another Johari Window model design to demonstrate a communication matrix. Also, the PowerPoint of Johari Window model has two set of background colors as white and blue.

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