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Free Johari Window Model PowerPoint Template is a matrix diagram for the team-development model. Johari Window is a useful self-awareness tool used for understanding and improving relationships among groups. The free slides of Johari Window Model diagram provide five slides. These slides present JoHari Window concept overview and four subsequent slides detailing each segment. The visually appealing design of outdoor view will engage the audience while communicating terminologies of JoHari window model. This template uses the sun as a symbol that describes what is known, hidden, or unknown.

Johari Window Model is a management tool to understand team relationships. It focuses on group behaviors, soft skills, and interpersonal development. Businesses use this feedback mode of self-awareness as an information processing method. Because four segments of Johari Window represent information about feelings, experiences, skills, intentions, and motivations. The idea of Johari model is to assess oneself. These terminologies used here are self-others to observe how individuals look at themselves and how others see. Such as, information that is known to others and not acknowledged by oneself. Likewise, the things that are unknown to others but an individual is self-aware.

Free Johari Window Model PowerPoint Template shows two dimensions of knowns and unknowns among self and others. The four quadrants of self-awareness aka window are public, private, blind spot, and unknowns. This model use dimensions as self and others to classify information about an individual in four quadrants. For example, the information that falls in Hidden column are the secrets that are hidden from others. There are various techniques available to move information between quadrants as necessary. These techniques include feedback, shared discovery, self-discovery, and self-disclosure.


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