Hand Drawn Cone Charts Toolkit for PowerPoint

A casual feel on graphing values is offered by Hand Drawn Cone Charts Toolkit for PowerPoint. It can maintain a non-intimidating atmosphere for the audience. This can motivate them to interact more and remember the report easily. In addition, the discussion can become more active and fun.

The design is ideal for comparing values and presenting qualitative information. Multiple concepts are applicable to this these slides design. It can be used from business records, planning, statistics, math, science and many more.

It is another creative alternative of charting data. It is one variation of chart types. Other types are pyramid and cylinder. They represent data in the same way. The only difference is they have pyramid and cylinder shapes instead of rectangle. The cone design is a great choice. The tip of the cone can point on the relative value found on the surface. The length is easy to distinguish because of the shape as well. The bottom of the cone is wide and so it occupies space that lets the audience identify the different figures accordingly.

The PowerPoint design presents a blue chalk-like outline for the graph. Various arrangements of the plane are shown in the slide. If analyzed, it actually illustrates a process of simplifying a randomized group of data. The first slide features an x and y axis where values are entered randomly. The second one displays the chart vertically where two set of values can be compared on either sides. In the third slide, two cone charts are shown. The user can detail on each of them in this part of the report. How to mix the two diagrams is demonstrated in the fourth slide. Finally, the fifth slide is the end outcome of the comparative procedure.

Grab Hand Drawn Cone Charts Toolkit for PowerPoint for witty and easy-going presentations. 3D Cylinder Chart Template for PowerPoint is another powerful charting tool available for download at the SlideModel gallery.

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