Goals Based Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates

Table of Contents for Goal Based Strategy
Process Timeline Chevron Diagram for Strategies
5 Goals of Business in PowerPoint
Gap Analysis in Strategy Development Presentation
Gap Analysis Problem Statement Template
Gap Analysis Current State Template
Gap Analysis Template Strategy Model
Gap Analysis Desired State Template
3 Tactical Strategies PowerPoint
Action Plan Templates for Goal Base Strategy
PowerPoint 30-60-90 Days Plan Segments
Goal Based Strategy Planning Timeline
PowerPoint Dashboard of Key Metrics
Presentation of Key Goals Flow Chart
Goals Based Strategy Planning Dartboard

The Goals-Based Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates is a set of slides designed to present the result of a goals based strategic planning process.

There are different approaches and models for strategic planning. These include goal-based strategic planning, issue-based strategic planning, organic, and scenarios. An approach depends on many factors such as nature of organization’s leadership, culture or environment, and project complexity. The Goal-based strategy focuses on organization’s values, mission, visions, and objectives. It is most commonly used in financial planning to prioritize and optimize.

Goals-based strategic planning works from the future to the present. The planning team selects a point in the future, and suggest goals they think can be achieved within the timeframe. These goals are defined in terms of specific achievements (KPI’s), in order to be measurable. IE: Increase profit in 21%, achieve 50MM in gross revenues.

Inside this Goals Based template for PowerPoint, you can find the following useful slides:

  • Goals based strategic planning process slide
  • Multiple target goals slide
  • Slide to Analyze each gap (Gap analysis)
  • Problem statement slide
  • Current state slide
  • Gap Analysis slide
  • Desired state slide
  • Key Strategies slide
  • Action plan slide
  • Action timeline slide with 30 60 90 day plan template slide
  • Action slide with execution timeline
  • Key metrics slide with editable gauges
  • Key goals achieved slide

After goals are selected, a GAP analysis is executed for each of them, to understand the required changes to be done from current status to desired status. This step might show that the goal is unachievable in the specified timeframe, or if achievable, which changes should be down to be executed. With the GAP Analysis outcome on hand, the planning team defines possible strategies to cover the gap and achieve the goals. Finally an action plan is determined with a drill down of tasks and resources to execute in order to achieve each goal.

The 15 slides contain engaging graphics to present the process and each steps assets using diagrams and models. The presentation slide deck of goals based strategic planning will help conclude the discussion in four phases. These four phases are, analyze situations, set direction, deploy plans, and define strategy. The structural format of slides will keep presenters on track while providing details of analysis or solutions.

The Goals Based Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates will let users personalize the contents by changing colors, shapes, and icons. You can choose animations and transitions from PowerPoint menu. The stages of a goal-based template are analysis, issues, strategy, goals, set an action plan template, planning, and results. These presentations will help management professionals and leaders for team building, culture development, and more.

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