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The Gap Analysis Slide Metaphor Template for PowerPoint illustrates a growth plan roadmap. A gap is an incomplete or missing part of the business or process that can affect the company’s future state. PowerPoint template for gap analysis metaphor has three slide designs. You can copy desired slide template at the beginning of the presentation to give an overview of findings in gap analysis. Metaphor slides of gap analysis help visualize the bigger picture of problematic areas in strategy planning.

The gap analysis template provides a scene illustration of a cartoon character standing on an arrow path. An intersecting black line displays the off-road experience that can influence the smooth flow of the plan. The professionals use gap analysis PowerPoint to compare real progress and improve the business performance. The key areas to use gap analysis slides are fiscal performance, HR, market gap analysis, sales review, and Innovation plans.

The Gap Analysis slide metaphor includes an illustration of a human figure thinking on how to cross the gap between one side and the other. The thinking man depicts the idea of an executive taking an important business decision or planning a strategy.

The Gap Analysis Slide Metaphor Template for PowerPoint benefits businesses to evaluate performance and set key targets. The metaphors for gap analysis use lines and shapes to visualize performance gaps. Businesses use these slides to outline gaps in different aspects of running projects. The metaphor templates can also assist organizations to compare actual work with planned timelines and make changes.

The PowerPoint templates of gap analysis metaphor are editable slides where you can add text relevant to the topic. You can download these slides to conduct a gap analysis in supply and chain procedures such as manufacturing and shipping. Analyze why objectives of customer satisfaction are not met. In sales meetings, the gap analysis slide can show initial sales projection and actual sales. The gap in the middle helps the presenter in reasoning and actions to bridge the gap.

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