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Flat SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template is an analytical business diagram. Detailed and spontaneous are two main qualities of this PowerPoint design. Stimulate the audience with smart effects and simplicity.

The framework allows the user to identify 4 business components- strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This planning method is used to prepare for a project or in evaluating a business. It is ideal to discover the factors that can affect the decision-making of an entity. Strengths refers to the positive aspects of a company. These points are harnessed for they can bring forth stability. Weaknesses are the areas that can be developed and avoided in order to improve or maintain the company standards. Opportunities are new possibilities that the business can take; like expansion or innovation for example. Threats are the hazards the firm is facing. This can come in forms of financial bankruptcy and internal disagreement, among others.

SWOT analysis is widely used in the business world. However, it is also a tool extremely important in psychology. It tackles on personality analysis and is applicable to situational concepts. The focus is to create a strategy to feature the business against competitors. In general, at any case that marketing is involved, this PowerPoint template is purely suitable.

Four icons- namely chain, broken chain, stars and a bomb, can be found alongside a diamond shape in on the first slide. This is how the icons correspond to  the elements of the SWOT framework accordingly:

  • Strength- chain
  • Weaknesses- broken chain
  • Opportunities- 3 stars
  • Threats- bomb

The user is given a chance to further elaborate at every element on the 3rd to 6th slides. Each one has a unique layout but they basically have the same components.

Entice your audience with Flat SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template. Easy customisable design is ready made for the presenter. More SWOT PowerPoint Templates are downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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