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Decorate professional presentations with the Flat Office PowerPoint Icons. The template uses solid pastel colors to emphasize the detail in the white icons. The design lends a neat and professional look and feel to any presentation.

The office is one of the most important aspects of a business. It is where paperwork and other business procedures are processed and documented. The presence of an office allows a company to conduct business professionally with their clients. The different office activities, such as planning, scheduling, and processing, are featured on the icons. Symbols and icons let the audience connect two concepts easily without the need for the presenter to elaborate – thus, saving time and energy.

Flat icons, on their own, can be copied and pasted to other PowerPoint presentations to add visual impact to the slide designs. The simple look of the icons makes it easy to achieve a professional yet creative report. The PowerPoint template provides display layouts to combine the icons in a more representative metaphor. The first is a lightbulb design, wherein the bulb is a composite image of the PowerPoint icons. This slide can be used in brainstorming presentations, to show how common office activities can be improved. The second slide forms a relationship diagram through icons. It illustrates how some processes are broken down. For example, a computer monitor, symbolizing observation, is connected to a folder and a bar chart. These can refer to documentation and statistical analysis, respectively.

The icons are created as minimalist vector graphics. They include a calendar, a watch, a process diagram, a document, a clock, a bar chart, a briefcase, a personal computer, a pen, a folder, scissors, a paperclip, a printer, the Microsoft Word logo, a doughnut chart, and a calculator.

Perfect for presentations involving work office activities and processes, the Flat Office PowerPoint Icons may be arranged to suit the presenter’s need. Any modification, even to size, will not affect their graphic resolution. The presenter can download other PowerPoint Icons  from our Gallery.

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