Flat Funnel Analysis Diagram Template for PowerPoint

A plain and casual mood with Flat Funnel Analysis Diagram Template for PowerPoint can surely draw attention from global audiences. Drive interactive presentations through this remarkable PowerPoint template. The cool background stimulates thinking which can serve the presenter really good.

The slide design can represent the sales funnel analysis diagram. It displays the stages of a customer’s decision-making process from product contact to actual purchase. The tool refers to point of view of the seller on the value of readiness of a customer towards a deal. The colors illustrate stages of the sales funnel diagram. In between these colors are barriers that limit the customer to proceed to the next stage. These barriers can metaphor branding trust, question of product quality, and available budget. Number of stages duly depends on the user. There is no exact number of phases for this particular technique. Here are some examples:

  1. Unfiltered prospect
  2. Interest phase
  3. Evaluation
  4. Decision
  5. Commitment
  6. Purchase
  7. Payment

In the PowerPoint template, a flat funnel shape is divided into 4 colors that can showcase 4 stages. The user can pick the phases that are appropriate to the objectives of the report. In the first slide, the presenter can name the first 3 stages. The second slide display arrows pointing downward. This can portray the direction of the process. In the 3rd slide, the user is given a chance to further explain the details of every stage. The 4th slide highlights the stage where the seller takes note of the on-going sale procedure. Finally, in the last slide, the bubbles are outside the tip of the funnel. This can mean that the deal has ended.

The Flat Funnel Analysis Diagram Template for PowerPoint is ideal to any marketing and production presentation. Impress audiences with these stunning slide designs. Gradient Modern Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint is another striking PPT downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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