Fishbone Diagram Template 3D Perspective

Users can apply the Fishbone Diagram Template 3D Perspective  and create professional cause and effects presentations. Business PowerPoint Template applied for identification of the likely causes of problems. Also known as Fishbone diagram, Ishikawa diagram, Cause and Effect diagram, Herringbone diagram and Fishikawa diagram.

When organizations have an issue which was not under the umbrella of the risk analysis, it is important to explore which was/were the cause/causes that might have triggered it and that need to be corrected or mitigated in the future. The cause and effect analysis, first introduced in the 90’s by Kaoru Ishikawa, is the business technique organizations apply as a basic framework for issue investigation.

The tool is extremely simple to use and present. Its reporting structure resembles a fishbone structure, that is also why is called fishbone diagram.

The cause and effect analysis process consists of this simple steps:

  1. Describe the problem. Writing down the problem in a concise phrase required a complete understanding of the problem. this first step forces the analysis team to understand which was the almost issue. In the diagram, the problem represents the head of the fish.
  2. List the most likely factors that contributed to the issue. Identify the strongest factors that drive the problem. This step needs the analysis team to list and prioritize the possible causes. The areas need to cover strategy, operations, production, sales and marketing. Every aspect of the organization needs to be reviewed. Each factor will be the root branches of the fishbone.
  3. List the causes that generated the factors. Brainstorm possible causes of each factor. List the causes as sub-branches in the diagram.
  4. Analyze and trim. Analyze the big picture through the diagram and trim the branches less likely to have generated impactful effects.

The Fishbone Diagram Template is an easy to use graphical tool that will help the presenter not only execute the proper analysis but also present the conclusions to an audience. Each of the elements of the fishbone template are created as individual PowerPoint Shapes, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance.

Create professional presentations with the fishbone diagram template ppt and impress your audience.

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