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Endocytosis PowerPoint Template

The Endocytosis PowerPoint Template is a one slide diagram to educate audience about the Endocytosis process. It consits of transporting molecules into a cell by overtaking its membrane. A similar process of taking molecules out of cells is called exocytosis. There are three types of endocytosis sub-processes based on substance brought into cell. These are phagocytosis, pinocytosis, and Receptor-mediated Endocytosis. This PowerPoint template illustrates all three types with the help of high-quality editable graphics. There are 3 sections of a single slide to visualize how endocytosis process works with different materials in cell.

The Endocytosis PowerPoint slide will assist as training material to explain cellular processes. The three sections of endocytosis types could help describe how different substances are bought into a cell.

For example:

  • Phagocytosis – Also known as cellular eating; in which, cell membrane surrounds macro-molecules or entire cell to form phagosome.
  • Pinocytosis: – This is called cellular drinking. The cell engulfs fluid and form vesicles. The cell takes extracellular fluids that dissolve in liquid it envelops.
  • Receptor-mediated Endocytosis: It is located in coated pits of cell membranes. In this case, cell takes in extracellular molecules only if it binds to a receptor protein.

The Endocytosis PowerPoint Template provides detailed illustration of all three cellular sub-processes. The user can cover all aspects by clearly labeling all aspects of the diagrams. This is a fully editable presentation; users can make changes in graphics according to their own theme. This biological science concept could be presented online with the help of Google Slides Themes and PowerPoint online. Similarly, you can copy the diagram slide into other PowerPoint presentation of related topics; ie: a balance nutrients presentations.

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