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The ElderTech Industry PowerPoint Template demonstrates the technology advancements designed for seniors. ElderTech industry in different countries aims to provide extended services and facilities for old-age citizens. The innovations of machine learning, software development, and AI have proved remarkable in the development of ElderTech. This PowerPoint template provides thorough coverage of ElderTech provisions like:

  • Grandpa: A tablet with all the basic and easy-to-use specifications. It connects the elderly with their family members with a single click. And it provides easy access to news, photos, sending messages, and others.
  • Wrist Band: It can help the elderly have a real-time measurement of health parameters like blood pressure, heartbeat, blood-glucose level, etc.
  • Silver Economy: the market which is developed to manufacture and distribute the required products by elderly citizens or senior citizens, including medication, equipment, food items, etc.
  • Geriatric Market: The team of consultants specializing in dealing with older people’s issues is the senior team. With the advent of simple-to-handle technology, online consultation and on-call appointment are made possible with these doctors.
  • Age-Friendly Housing: The provision of valuable equipment and necessary housing adjustments is another part of the ElderTech industry. The houses are constructed with elevators, board areas, and built-in assistant robotic devices to maximize the comfort zone of elders.
  • Ageing Well: The ElderTech industry provides a ground for the mental, physical and social well-being of the elders, and thus, it contributes to aging well.

All these concepts are elaborated in the ElderTech Industry PowerPoint Template with the help of human infographics. For instance, you can see an older human character walking on the mobile screen on the first slide. Similarly, on the geriatrics market slide, the older woman character is shown coming outside of the mobile with a consultant. Hence, by utilizing the high restitution graphics and visual description, this template presents various aspects of the ElderTech Industry. Presenters can summarize the role of fitness devices, the role of mobile phones &tablets, simple games, and other technology equipment in the maintenance of elderly health. This PPT Template is 100% editable using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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