Diamond SOAR Analysis Template for PowerPoint

Download our 100% editable Diamond SOAR Analysis Template for PowerPoint for your corporate strategy and business presentations. SOAR analysis is a strategy-designing tool that features a futuristic approach to define the present situation and improvements required for the desired outcomes. It is sometimes preferred over the SWOT analysis, which highlights the risks, weaknesses, and competition. However, both tools are equally helpful for businesses to grow and plan better for their goals. The SOAR has four components:

  • S(Strengths): the capabilities of the team members, financial resources, and USP
  • O(Opportunities): this component highlights some of the short-comings or market requirements which the competitors do not fulfill
  • A(Aspirations): according to the vision of a company, the aspirations are set by gauging the existing resources and capabilities
  • R(Result): these are hypothetical results analyzed based on the previous points. Professionals can improve other points to take the outcomes closest to what is required.

This Diamond SOAR Analysis Template for PowerPoint has two slide designs, each provided in two background color variations (black and white). The first slide has a central diamond diagram, where its four segments represent SOAR elements. This diagram has a square boundary. The four corners of this square showcase representative icons. Presenters can mention the descriptions using the space provided with the diamond diagram. The following SOAR template slide also carries a diamond diagram; however, it shows the infographic icons inside the diamond segments and the bold letters on the diamond edges. This slide has no boundary around the central diagram. Users are also provided with editable placeholder text boxes to mention the necessary points. So, download and try this SOAR analysis template PPT for your presentations or re-purpose the slides to use as a SWOT template diagram. All slides are 100% editable with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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