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The Demand Generation Funnel Slide Template is a 3 level funnel PowerPoint presentation. Demand generation is a marketing funnel concept of generating demand through the use of technology. Funnel is a process of optimizing steps that lead to the conversion of leads into sales. The demand generation funnel in PowerPoint presents buyer’s journey touchpoints from anonymous visitors to happy customers. 3-level demand generation funnel template contains two versions of the funnel chart. Although the funnel diagrams are flat vector-based layout designs, the rounded diagram has the 3D effect of funnel chart. The hexagon shapes above funnel chart represent channels that bring traffic towards demand.

The demand generation funnel is a marketing technology tool for improvement in productivity and performance. It involves optimization and integration of demand into the sales funnel. The PowerPoint diagram of the demand generation funnel is helpful during strategy meetings and tracking progress of processes. Each stage of buyer’s journey addresses the challenges through the demand funnel. Take an example of eCommerce stores’ demand generation plan. The prospects reach top of funnel from social media, email marketing, search, referral, or direct. The high MQL or marketing qualified leads is the first level of demand generation. It contains leads from every channel. The next level of MQL is where leads are more likely to turn into sales but not ready yet. SQL or sales qualified lead generation is a prospective customer with the intent to buy.

Alternatively, individuals and sales professionals can download other funnel templates and slide designs for presentations, with multiple steps and styles.

The Demand Generation Funnel Slide Template is suitable for an internal planning meeting. It offers a simple and effective method of explaining processes at all three levels Teachers and marketing training professionals can also use 3 steps demand funnel to discuss new possible venues of generating views and traffic towards business.

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