Data Governance Maturity Model PowerPoint Template

Presentation of Data Governance Maturity Chart
Slide of Data Chart Governance Maturity

The Data Governance Maturity Model PowerPoint Template is a visual representation of organization data management. The maturity model template will help company to present its data capabilities and identify vulnerabilities in quick chart format. The businesses also use this chart template to compare progress with competitors. The data governance maturity model enables businesses to develop organizational strategies that will help handle data consistently. This include verifying and secure data that is of value to improve business performance. Such as who – what – how – when –where and why of data collection within an organization.

The Data Governance Maturity Model PowerPoint Template is a strategic model that impacts today’s business environments. The presentation of data maturity model could help describe role of data governance and compliance. Similarly, it could be used to measure company’s existing policies and practices against data governance maturity model.

The SlideModel PowerPoint model of data governance maturity includes 2 slides of process map. These two slides are simple color variations of similar data chart graph model. It will help users to copy a layout according to business presentation theme with minimum customizations. This process map diagram displays performance improvement matrices and curve graph representing levels of maturity. It shows three levels of maturity in 6 phases of company’s data management processes. These phases include:

  • Unaware: The state of no structure in idea of how data governance can be enabled
  • Aware: The organization realize need for policies and standards but lack of ownership
  • Reaction: Establish a comprehensive data governance framework.
  • Proactive: Align teamwork to achieve business outcomes.
  • Managed: Follow plan to execute data governance framework.
  • Effective: Integrate governance model as a part of business

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