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The Creative Horizontal Process Diagram for PowerPoint is a three-stage sales and marketing analysis presentation. This PowerPoint shows a traditional model concept of Stimulus, First Moment of Truth and Second Moment of Truth. It defines the instant when potential customer reaches the purchase point by interacting with bland. Also, the methodology defines another element as MOZT (Moment Of Zero Truth). The features of these stages are as follow:

  1. Stimulus: The idea of need or desire of customer to buy a product and services.
  2. First Moment of Truth: Purchasing by reviewing the suggestions and options in promotional messages through digital marketing or flyers etc.
  3. Second Moment of Truth: The customer’s experience of using a product which can make or break the loyalty with brand selection.
  4. Zero Moment Of Truth: The digital buying process provides the non-linear sales analysis of customer through various advertising mediums. Hence, creating different moment of truth every time.

This Creative Horizontal Process Diagram for PowerPoint is a unique template for evolutionary marketing strategy. It contains five pre-design slides with three main stages and loop of ZMOT between stimulus and first moment of truth. These segments have infographic to graphically represent the terms. These include, signals for internet, cart for shopping and home for experiencing purchase. The section of ZMOT however has depicts the online view and sales.

The editable diagram of creative horizontal process benefits marketing professionals. They can make an outstanding marketing strategy PowerPoint without the effort of creating it from scratch. The users can make modifications in the design format of the PowerPoint. For instance, change the colors, size or move and replace various objects in the template. Similarly, copy slides to the other business and marketing presentations. This horizontal process diagram template is ideal for representing the modern sales model. The graphical illustrations make this a high impact PowerPoint to explain complex concepts.

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