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The Continuum Leadership PowerPoint Template is a corporate management concept presentation. This template provides 4 variations of continuum leadership model with the help of gradient colors and backgrounds. This is a theoretical model to understand possible leadership behaviors for managers. It illustrates different options or actions available in terms of authority level. For example, the degree of authority used by managers versus freedom available to non-managers for decision making. This template illustrates these two extremes with the help of graph chart and gradient colors. In this way, viewers can understand effects of various controls.

The PowerPoint slides of continuum leadership presents two extremes i.e. authority and freedom. The diagram of continuum leadership further display 7 leadership styles moving from autocratic to democratic management. This diagram is useful management planning tool for managers and team leaders to find applicable leadership behavior for their organization. Furthermore, the diagram template could be used as training slides or develop situational strategy charts. Because leadership strategies vary depending on professional maturity level of subordinates or business environment. The seven (7) leadership styles here in diagram include following:

  • Tells: The authoritative leader who makes decision and announce it (micro management).
  • Sells: The selling involves coaching and using such tactics for team to take up on decisions.
  • Suggest: The leadership strategy to present ideas and take feedback.
  • Consults: Present ideas and take suggestions of possible changes before taking decision.
  • Joints: Take suggestions from team, provide direction and make decision once everyone agrees.
  • Delegate: Minimum involvement of manager in decision making by defining limits.
  • Abdicate: The team has ability to take necessary decisions within limits.

The 4 slides of Continuum Leadership PowerPoint Template show 7 styles of leadership in phases in simple diagram. Because visual diagram helps maximize adaptability from viewers. The presenters can replace textual content and personalize presentation layout to give professional touch.

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