Circular Growing Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Circular Growing Roadmap PowerPoint Template– a perfect and creative roadmap illustration of progression in five steps. The gradient-filled spheres create an almost 3D feel in the presentation. It is fully professional and contains stunning visuals. Use Circular Growing Roadmap PowerPoint Template to appeal on global audiences.

Roadmaps are timelines displayed as roads in general. They represent the development of events, ideas and activities. It can be considered as a growth chart with no specific application. They display happenings in a chronological manner. The spheres in the PowerPoint design can mark the end of one phase and the start of another. The user can capture each process in a way that the audience can grasp easily. Each step has to be completed in order for the process to move to the next one.

This particular roadmap template is ideal for 5-step process presentations. It is also ideal for incorporating growth of a particular business, organization or entity. In academics, the presenter can apply the layout to science subjects like a butterfly’s one life cycle. History and accumulative math processes (addition, multiplication, etc) are great for this template as well. The PowerPoint shapes can be quickly altered using the PowerPoint shapes menu. This way, the design becomes flexible and can fit in multiple concepts.

There are two slides in the Circular Growing Roadmap PowerPoint Template. The first slide exhibits the smallest sphere on the left. The user can utilize that shape as the initial phase. The following spheres grow in size as the road widens. The fifth and last sphere is the biggest, representing the final development. The next slide is a flipped image of the first. The curve of the road is going downward. The presenter is given an option to either present the events in ascending or descending manner.

Impress the audience with a new roadmap presentation using Circular Growing Roadmap PowerPoint Template. Roadmap Timeline with Spheres for PowerPoint () is another outstanding variation downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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