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The CATWOE PowerPoint Template is an editable layout to present the variable perspectives of stakeholders during a problem or change process. CATWOE analysis is a comprehensive framework to report how a change or business problem will impact different components of the organization, e.g., customers, owners, etc. This PPT template thus provides an entirely editable charter to separately discuss the effect of change on the six elements of CATWOE, which are:

  • C (Customers/Clients): A group of stakeholders who benefit from the output of the business
  • A (Actors): The direct working staff in the process
  • T (Transformation): The process of converting inputs to the outputs of the process
  • W (World View): A broader approach to consider other stakeholders who might be interested in the business
  • O (Owners): Another group of stakeholders who believe earning from the business
  • E (Environmental): The environmental factors that impact the business processes

The change somehow impacts all the mentioned components, so CATWOE analysis is crucial for change management and problem-solving. Usually, the CATWOE analysis is done at the beginning of the business process or before planning the change to avoid future conflicts. By recording the actual perspectives in the CATWOE PowerPoint Template, business personnel can design better strategies for the change process and problem-solving. Users can also download our CATWOE Analysis Slide Template, which has a similar slide structure.

This template is simple, and it is divided into six vertical columns carrying the meaningful graphic icons, title labels, and description areas. Each of these columns has distinct colors and is color-highlighted one by one on each slide. These graphic icons, color schemes, and font styles can be edited according to the requirements. Presenters can edit this template using PowerPoint and Google Slides to present in a business meeting. So, grab this PPT template and organize your data in minutes. Alternatively, you can download other CATWOE slides for presentations.

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