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C4 Model PowerPoint Template presents a system architectural diagram for software development projects. A simple set of diagrams will enable viewers to understand the C4 model and how to use it. There are 4 diagrams in PowerPoint for 4C architecture model. These are flow chart diagrams based on Unified Modeling Language (UML) to visually represent a system.

The C4 Model PowerPoint Template contains 4 slides with 3 diagram of context, containers, and components. Whereas, the last slide provides flat PowerPoint shapes to create high-level code details. These PowerPoint Model templates could be saved as Google Sides Themes for online presentations.

C4 model is a way for project teams to effectively communicate software architecture. It helps create maps of code at multiple levels of complexity. These levels of detail help describe work requirements to a different audience type. This model is built on an abstraction-first approach that provides an overview of developer’s construct software.

There are three common sets of abstractions to provide a basic structure of software. This structure is based on 4-C levels, i.e. context, containers, components, and code. There are four diagrams to visualize each level as the hierarchy of abstractions and are part of a software requirements specification document. Each level covers scope, primary & secondary elements, and intended audience.

Level 1: System Context diagram – A starting point of creating system by seeing the bigger picture. It is a simple model that shows how system and users will interact with each other. The focus of this level is resources, roles, and system with low-level details for non-technical audiences.
Level 2: Container diagram – This is an execution unit that executes code or store data. For example, the server-side of software application, website, and database. The diagram of container diagram provides a high-level technology framework including responsibilities and technologies. It is an important model for software development team to communicate.
Level 3: Component diagram – Container is made up of a number of components. Components identify structural building blocks. Software architectures and developers are the audiences for this level.
Level 4: Code – Each component is implemented as a code.

The C4 Model is basically a hierarchical format of structuring the software system. It helps all types of audiences to grasp basic understanding of how process will work. The model further simplifies and reduce gaps between diagram design and actual implementation.

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