Burke-Litwin Model PowerPoint Template

The Burke-Litwin Model PowerPoint Template is a presentation layout for organizational change framework. This PowerPoint template provides an editable diagram of complex process flow chart. The slides of Burke-Litwin Model are useful for analysts to visualize changes in an organization. The presenters can easily customize contents of PowerPoint templates to demonstrate how change flows within an organization. This model includes 12 key factors to be considered when assessing any change. These factors are further classified into five levels. The PowerPoint diagram templates for Burke-Litwin provide two versions of model and additional five slides to discuss 5 levels.

The Burke-Litwin provides a visual overview for the interconnected components i.e. factors that drive change. These components how a new change impacts each area. At the top, external factors are environmental elements such as market, economy, competition, and legislation. Organizational success (strategy factors) like leadership, strategy, or organizational culture could affect by these external factors. The operating factors include structure, management practices, policies, and procedures. These involve organizational decision-making, responsibility, authority, and management in work environment. Whereas, individual factors account for people skills, individual needs, motivation, and work unit climate. The last level of outputs looks into individual and organization’s performance.

Burke-Litwin 5 level model diagram displays how all factors interact with each other. As an organizational change management tool, the five levels act as 5 steps process. For example, the external factors are inputs that trigger a need for change towards interconnected organizational factors. Strategic factors aka transformational factors capture the objective of change. Operating factors are the transactional drivers that are easy to change. However, they rarely make an impact on organization-wide performance. Lastly, output i.e. the outcome of change that has an impact on performance.

The Burke-Litwin Model PowerPoint Template shows a logical framework approach. Editable PowerPoint shapes will help you create a systematic and interconnected model by capturing the complex nature of business. An organizational change cause could result in more interconnections. Therefore, the editable PowerPoint template will enable presenters to replicate those connections by simply customizing the diagram.

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