Balanced Scorecard Perspectives PowerPoint Template

  • Balanced Scorecard Perspectives Slide
  • Editable BSC Perspectives Diagram
  • Circular Shapes for PowerPoint Balanced Scorecard
  • BSC Objectives and Relationships Diagrams
  • Four Textboxes in Process Flow
  • Learning and Growth Balanced Scorecard Table
  • Internal Processes Balanced Scorecard Table
  • Customer Perspective BSC Table
  • Financial Perspective BSC Table

Balanced Scorecard Perspectives PowerPoint Template is a presentation containing the perspectives model of balanced scorecard and additional template slides for the user to record objectives and metrics.

Building a Balanced Scorecard is  an ongoing process. The main idea behind the Kaplan balanced scorecard is that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Is important to register the KPI’s and to adapt according to reality.

Balanced Scorecard Perspectives PowerPoint Template is created with PowerPoint shapes, allowing the user to customize the BSC according to their needs , theme or size. Create simple and useful BSC with our Balanced Scorecard Perspectives PowerPoint Template.

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