Animated Spin the Wheel PowerPoint Template

Download our Animated Spin the Wheel PowerPoint Template for your webinars, live sessions, and educational or recreational presentations. This PPT template provides a fully functional spinning wheel animated diagram that spins 360 degrees with the clicks of the play & pause buttons. Users from all fields can use this creative template for gaming, activities, quizzes, lucky draws, business predictions, etc. This spin the wheel template is decorated with an attractive color scheme and lighting effects to enhance the audience’s engagement. Presenters can change the values in each wheel segment according to the requirements. For instance, the winner prizes can be entered in the sections in a live lucky-win game. 

The Animated Spin the Wheel PowerPoint Template is a one-pager slide template. The background of the slide has a blue color gradient scheme. The colors of the wheel are chosen bright red, which looks appealing against the background. The diagram is a circle divided into 12 sections along the diameter lines. These wheel segments have an alternative color pattern or white & red. On the boundary of the circle, small circles in yellow color are added, which imitate the lights on a real-life spinning wheel. Likewise, an orange pointer and central star shape are also created using PowerPoint shapes

Below the template diagram, two buttons for play and pause are displayed. When the play button is clicked, the wheel spins, and the motion of the pointer is well-coordinated. On pressing the pause button, the motion stops. So, presenters can use these buttons randomly, like in an actual spinning wheel. An editable text chart is provided on the slide to mention values for each wheel section. Users can edit and personalize the template. The spin the wheel can be edited using all PowerPoint versions. Download and try it now! 

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