Animated 3D Hourglass PowerPoint Template

Animated Template of 3D Hourglass
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Time Management Concepts Hourglass
3D Template of Hourglass Slide

The Animated 3D Hourglass PowerPoint Template is a management presentation layout. It contains a metaphoric time management design of hourglass to represent number of scheduling scenarios. Such as time management plan and its concepts like on schedule, ahead, or behind. It is a 3D PowerPoint template with animations which would benefit users to engage an audience in graphics and visual content. This animated 3D hourglass template is suitable for business professionals representing their project planning activities. The use of hourglass in presentation gives an immediate idea of time, scheduling, urgent or important task. An hour glass shape in this PowerPoint shows a 3-step diagram as the sand clock on both sides.

The Animated 3D Hourglass PowerPoint Template has four slides designs demonstrating different states through colors. For instance, both sides of hour glass represent different processes like remaining and complete work. The first slide presents overview of all elements of a topic in an hourglass. While the next two slides display purpose and details of states on each side of hour glass. Further, the last layout displays a percentage format of an hourglass. This percentage can depict a graphical representation of performance report. These visuals of time management metaphor are useful in risk management, illustrating urgency. for example, describing a possible risk which can turn into a disaster if not dealt with on time.

The 3D PowerPoint template contain number of slide transitions and shape animations. These animations of 3D object are simply fade and wipe to create a color changing effect. The hourglass itself is a 3D object with gray clock sand. However, the animated PowerPoint template has flat shapes over the hourglass, enabling users to change colors. Simply edit the text placeholders, titles, and headings and present a creative 3D time concept PowerPoint.

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