Animated 3D Business Model Canvas Template for PowerPoint

Model of Business Canvas Key Activities
Slide of Key Resources for Business Model
Presentation Canvas Value Proposition
Animated Customer Relationship Segment
Slide of Customer Touch Point Channel
Template of Business Model Canvas 3D
Animated Cost Structure Slide in Canvas
Business Model Canvas Animated Block
Layout of Canvas for Business Model
Canvas Model Template for All Businesses
Useful Icons Representation Slide
Canvas 9 Building Blocks Template
Key Partners Slide Layout with Animations

The Animated 3D Business Model Canvas Template for PowerPoint is a tool to present strategic management processes. The layout of business model canvas is a global standard template used by companies of all sizes. It is a visual chart to describe the major factors of a business. Such as activities, resources, value proposition, customer segmentation, and cost structure. The animated 3D business model canvas template shows colorful set of blocks to present these factors. For example, describing the infrastructure of a company, its target consumer market or finances. The canvas chart can assist the presenter to demonstrate all the relevant elements in one slide. There are 9 building blocks to elaborate all the important components to run a company in one photo. These include:

  • Key Partners: Network of suppliers
  • Key Activities: Important actions for successful execution of processes
  • Key Resources: Physical, intellectual, financial and human resources.
  • Value Proposition: Unique product which attract customers
  • Customer Relationships: How to communicate with customers
  • Channels: Customer’s touch points
  • Customer Segments: Categorizing customers
  • Cost Structure: Cost which incurred while operating
  • Revenue Streams: Sources of revenue

The Animated 3D Business Model Canvas Template for PowerPoint helps to visualize the building blocks of a company. The users can insert useful textual content under every segment of canvas PowerPoint. In this way, they can explain, redesign and pivot the business model. The business model canvas works as a supporting document along with other strategic management tools and processes.

The business model canvas PowerPoint gives a zoom-in effect with slide animations. And, the 3D shapes together with animated slides boost the professional looking presentation. The PowerPoint template of business model canvas also contains a slide of icons representing each component of the concept. Further, it is a customizable template. Depending on the theme and environment of presentation, users can modify colors, animations, add effects etc.

If you are looking to create a professional Business Model we recommend our Complete Guide with Business Model Canvas Examples.

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