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Editable Slide Template for AgeTech Presentation
AgeTech PPT Template - Geriatric Technology Slide
Human Illustration Slide for AgeTech Presentation
Editable Slide Design for VR in AgeTech Presentation
PPT Slide Design for Assistive Technology for Adults
Template Slide for AgeTech Revolution - Robotic Illustration
Editable Aging Population Slide for Presentation
PowerPoint Slide Design for Health Expert Online Consultation
AgeTech PPT Template - Infographic Slide Template
PPT Slide with Editable Map - AgeTech Presentation
PowerPoint Slide Design for AgeTech Sectors Presentation
Editable Data-Driven Chart Slide - AgeTech PPT Template
PowerPoint Chart Slide - AgeTech Presentation Template Slide
Editable Bar Chart for AgeTech Presentation
AgeTech PPT Template Ending Slide

Try our AgeTech PowerPoint Template for creating presentations about the AgeTech revolution and its benefits. AgeTech is a term used to indicate technology developed for elderly people to meet their needs and those who care for them. With time, more work is being done to improve the AgeTech solutions due to the rising aging population. It includes easy software, mobile phones, health bands, mobility devices, cognitive therapy machines, online health portals, and more. The advent of this automation is enhanced by the modified application of robotics which adds extensive features to such facilitation devices. For instance, robotic home assistants are great helpers for people with disabilities. This AgeTech PowerPoint template displays creative vector graphics about this revolution. Professionals can edit these slides to add presentation data and use them in multiple scenarios. 

The AgeTech PowerPoint Template carries conceptual illustrations about AgeTech. The first slide shows a graphical scene where two elders are ascending the stairs representing the increase in the aging population. The following slides show the scenes for different topics:

  • Geriatric technology (robotic hand is shown with circular shape carrying elderly people diagram)
  • Modified tablets for 75+ (a human character is shown standing with a tablet and health band devices)
  • VR and Reminiscence therapy (an elderly person is wearing the VR headset)
  • Assistive technology (an elder is sitting on a remote-control wheel-chair and is using other assistive devices)
  • Age Tech Revolution & Robot Roommate (a robotic roommate is shown talking to the older person)
  • Aging Population (concept of increasing life-span or aged group of people is depicted through two older people ascending the graphical stairs)
  • Online Health Consultation (an elderly patient is talking to her doctor on a mobile phone device)

So, this slide deck perfectly communicates the concept to the audience and helps establish visual contact with the presenter. Professionals can use this template to discuss these technologies working or introduce something new. These visuals can also be used in technology or marketing presentations to explain the benefits of AgeTech. This AgeTech PowerPoint Template contains slides for presenting data values, i.e., bar chart, area plot, and editable chart template. Also, there is a mind-map diagram to showcase the sectors of AgeTech and a map slide for presenting geographical analysis. All visuals can be copied to other slides and used for other purposes. Users can edit this best PPT template with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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