ADKAR Model Diagram PowerPoint Template

Presentation of ADKAR Change Management
Presentation of Awareness Step in ADKAR
Presentation of Desire Step in ADKAR
Presentation of Knowledge Step in ADKAR
Presentation of Ability Step in ADKAR
Presentation of Reinforcement Step in ADKAR
PowerPoint ADKAR Model Diagram Template
Stairs Arrow PowerPoint Awareness Stage
Stairs Arrow PowerPoint Desire Stage
Stairs Arrow PowerPoint Knowledge Stage
Stairs Arrow PowerPoint Ability Stage
Stairs Arrow PowerPoint Reinforcement Stage

ADKAR is an outcome-oriented change management model created by Jeffrey Hiatt. This model states that the key to a successful implementation of change is the human factor. There are five stages of ADKAR; Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement. These stages enable the team to transition from the current state to the future.

The ADKAR Model Diagram PowerPoint Template is an editable presentation for 5 steps of the model. Business professionals and project managers can take advantage of the PowerPoint ADKAR model. They can present the organizational change over the course of five steps. The diagram of the ADKAR change model illustrates five stair steps to display a process flow.

The outcome at each stage enables a process at next stage. Present the need for change in the Awareness step. Identify elements that participate and support the change in Desire. The knowledge section includes all the information on how to go about making the change. Ability presents the required skills and knowledge to implement change. Lastly, the reinforcement presents methods of ensuring the change process continues.

The ADKAR methodology focuses on the human factor of change management. The presentation of ADKAR model is useful for presentations of change strategies, training staff, and educational purposes. It enables the audience to focus on specific objectives and results at each stage.

There are two sets of sides to present ADKAR change management in PowerPoint. Users can pick and choose from white and black color themes of the backgrounds. The text placeholders that present the outcome of stages can demonstrate company’s procedures and results. Out of five stages, Awareness, Desire, and Knowledge are enablement zone. The Ability and Reinforcement are the engagement zone for implementation and monitoring. Alternatively, you can download other ADKAR slides for presentations.

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